Privacy Policy

LOB QR Reader


"LOB QR Reader" is an application that can read content of 2-dimensional codes by using the cameras live image stream. Codes that were scanned can be submitted/shared to the LOB Server.


A User is a person who executes LOB QR Reader. Any entity or process that executes LOB QR Reader is also called User. A user supplies credentials before scanned data can be sent to the LOB Server.

"Personal Data"

LOB QR Reader application does not require the User to type any personal information.

Personal information the LOB QR Reader may access on User's device includes:
Email or other text communication

"User Data"

All data, that is added to LOB QR Reader by the User using LOB QR Reader Functionality is called User Data. User Data can temporarily be stored locally on the device. LOB QR Reader allows the User to delete this User Data anytime. User Data may contain personally identifiable information. The User is responsible for all User Data and its usage.

"Shared Data"

LOB QR Reader gives the User the ability to share User Data for processing to the LOB Server. User Data that is used outside of LOB QR Reader but arising from LOB QR Reader is called Shared Data. The User is responsible for all Shared Data and its usage.


This policy targets on LOB QR Reader only. All linked apps and services are excluded and their policies need to be checked by the User separately. I, the developer of LOB QR Reader, will not take any responsibilities for the User Data and Shared Data nor how these data is used.
This policy can be modified anytime. Changes will be mentioned in the LOB QR Reader changelog.